Fog and Rain

Living in the heart of San Francisco, I’ve witnessed the city’s ever-changing weather dance. But what’s a better muse than the enigmatic fog and rain? Inspired by the city’s essence, I embarked on a creative journey, and let me tell you—it’s been a wild ride!

Armed with nothing but my iPhone and a vision, my wife, Jeanine, and I ventured into the picturesque Sunset District, capturing every fleeting moment. But it didn’t stop there. With the help of cutting-edge technology from Runway AI, we transformed our footage into something truly mesmerizing, adding a whole new dimension to our project.

And that’s not all! Collaborating with the incredibly talented musicians from Musiversal, we brought “Fog and Rain” to life in ways I could only dream of. Their passion and skill infused every note, turning our humble song into an electrifying masterpiece.

Now, it’s your turn to experience the magic! Dive into the world of “Fog and Rain,” feel the pulse of San Francisco’s rhythm, and let your imagination soar. I can’t wait to hear what you think!

Massive thanks to Musiversal and the phenomenal musicians listed below. Your magic has made this journey unforgettable.

Check out the credits, and prepare to be blown away by “Fog and Rain.” Let’s make some memories!


Pre-Production: Pedro Araújo
Drums: Adam Alesi
Bass: Chris Connor
Acoustic Guitar: Vitaliy Tkachuk
Electric Guitar: Vitaliy Tkachuk
Piano: James Graham
Hammond: James Graham

Background Vocals: Marta Garrett
Background Vocals: Lynsey Tibbs
Background Vocals: Clare Dove
Sax (alto): Samuel da Silva
Mix: Henrique Vilhena
Master: Luiz Tornaghi

Fog and Rain

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