We’d Like to Thank

Maryam Mahvi – Opening Song

Ellen Manerud – Artwork

Nora Borgonovo – Our Model

Ty Roy Meehan – Camera Work

Bill Tuohy – Bill Tuohy

Dan Chopin – ArtBeat Host

Michael Meehan – Impostor

Cathy Sorbo – Dr. Thylock

Brian Clothier – Mr Meehan’s Fluffier

b2e – Production

Buttcrack of Dawn

Written and Performed by the Pope
Produced by UPandDOWNload Productions
San Francisco, CA, USA
Directed by Michael J. Perez
Music Produced by Brian Clothier

The Pope is:
bleem – vocals
pillowhead – bass
jimgivitis – guitar
bergie – guitar
dion – drums
DJ Rise – turntables
fogliani – thug

fogset livestream 12-3-20

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