We’d Like to Thank

Lily Donovan    Jingles 

Abby Donovan    Jingles 

Clark Taylor    El Toro

Maryjo Pritchard    El Toro

Dan Spencer El Toro

Rebecca Spencer El Toro

Bill Tuohy  Donny Donaldson

Jack Riekes El Toro

Michael Meehan  Multiple Personlities

Cathy Sorbo The Science of Deduction

Brian Clothier  Best Boy

b2e     Production

Where Do You Wanna Go
Written and Performed by The Science of Deduction
Jim Jones – Keyboards
Doug Hallet – Keyboards
Echo Wanderer – Bass
Cathy Sorbo – Vocals

Fly Away by b2e
Doug Cameron – Guitar
b2e – Vocals/Guitar

fogset show 12-11-20

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