This Fellini-inspired Comedy Film, written and directed by Michael Meehan, features a large comic cast, and stars SF Comedians JOHNNY STEELE and REGGIE STEELE as SFPD homicide detectives , who find half eaten bodies turning up all over San Francisco.

The Monster, (Jorge Scott) , pursued by a mute gunman on a unicycle ( Meehan),  causes panic in the city, but well armed seniors, ( Valerie Meehan, Roberta Borgonovo, Pat Hunter, Jeannie McMillan ) lock and load to nail this menace.

The mayor,( Kevin Meaney) and the police chief( Michael Pritchard) don’t seem too concerned, as they’ve been paid off by  nefarious Krazy Kola executives, ( Dan Spencer & James Svatko) , and aided by murderous fixer Nakamura ( James Van Harper), who are marketing a dangerous new beverage that causes people to “sell their eyes for it”.

13 year old Urban Ranger,( James Schmalz)  sent out by his troop leader,(Christopher Meehan) to get his “Golden Scat” badge,  finds and befriends the Monster after he is wounded by the mute hunter. The hunter is then distracted by the luscious acrobat( Dwoira Galilea), who questions his motives.

James is warned by prophet of doom ( Reed Kirk Rahlman) of the coming apocalypse, but amid the lunacy of the city, it’s just one more thing including an incarcerated soprano (Maryam Mahvi)who pines for fired Krazy Kola employee Loobey ( Conor Hamill)

As Steele and Steele wind through clues, kooks and snitches, they track down the monster, James, and the Hunter for a final showdown , the answers don’t get easier.

The city is showcased along with comedians, Will Durst, Greg Proops, Clinton Jackson, Michael O’Brien, Linda Hill, Diane Amos,  David Alan Moss, Bob Sarlatte, Larry “Bubbles” Brown, Colin Mahan, Debi Durst, Geoff Bolt, Steven Pearl, Tony Sparks,  Robert Hawkins ,Alicia Dattner, Marty Maceda , Jimmy Gunn and Ngaio Bealum . Also showcased are Gina Won, Tim Talbott, Howard Meehan, Kelly Pisarri, Lynn Ruth Miller, Rita Romero, Sandy Baker, Eric Ward, Scott Free , David Glaser, Joanne Green, Scott Cameron, Hang Nyguen, Christopher Ralph, Anthony Cistero,  and Johnny La.  And a cast of thousands.

This comedy was produced with generous support from our local community. This is Michael Meehan’s first Feature Film.

Hey Monster Hands off my City

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