MASKS the Coffee Table Book

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MASKS isn’t just a compilation of 90 artistic creations; it’s a testament to the whimsical journey of Michael Meehan, a man whose life experiences have shaped his art in unexpected ways. From the bustling streets of the San Francisco Bay Area to the depths of his childhood nostalgia, Meehan’s work reflects a profound connection to his surroundings.

Rooted in his upbringing, Meehan’s penchant for dumpster diving finds expression in the vibrant masks he creates from discarded debris. Raised by parents molded by the hardships of the Depression era, Meehan inherited their resourcefulness, turning refuse into art. His childhood, devoid of conventional entertainment like television, fostered creativity among him and his siblings, igniting a lifelong passion for unconventional expression.

The influence of Meehan’s formative years extends beyond familial ties. Exploring construction sites as a child, he found inspiration in the raw materials scattered about, transforming them into makeshift structures and, eventually, into the captivating masks that grace the pages of his book.

Even his early experiences within the confines of the Catholic Church left an indelible mark, providing a stage for his burgeoning talents as an altar boy-turned-entertainer. These diverse influences coalesce in MASKS, a celebration of resilience, resourcefulness, and the boundless potential of the human imagination.

Now, you too can journey through Meehan’s world by ordering your copy of MASKS. Each page invites you to explore the hidden beauty within discarded objects, reminding us that creativity knows no bounds. Embrace the magic of transformation and order your 8.5″ x 11″ coffee table book today for $35.00 at [MASKS – LINK]. Dive into the world of MASKS and discover the beauty that lies beneath the surface.

MASKS the Coffee Table Book

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