Fogset Studios is proud to announce signing major hiphop artist, PaleFace Solid to a deal that promisesquite a few exciting hip hop and rap singles, like BOO 4 Da HOO, as well as a forthcoming album titled: Don’t Matter What Color Come Out , it’s SOLID! 

PaleFace Solid has been a rising star on the scene and dropped his rhymes with such notables as The Fuher of Funk,  BeeBee from Double D, and Slicktonic the Chronic.

Born in Detroit, PaleFace is one of the few white rappers besides Eminen to be welcomed into the fold of Rappers of Color and continues his collaboration with a variety of musical artists from other genres, including Soul Section, The Luftwaffles, and has dropped tunes on  American Duets with patriotic lactose intolerant singer, Gasmananoff.

PaleFace Solid hopes to tour  with his crew as soon as  DJ FluffySlippa gets an early release from Pleasant Valley Correctional Facility, hopefully in early 2021, pending Covid protocols.
PaleFace Solid has 17 children and is currently happy with Baby Mama Marlene, expecting number 18 .

Fogset Studios has a generous family insurance plan, a spokesman said.

Pale Solid – BOO 4 Da HOO

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