The Puppets, 2 hairy puppets who host and tell jokes,( think Wayne and Garth)

Donnie Donaldson, Toupee pitchman, sells bad hairpieces, inane commercials

Joke breakdown with Professor Hindenberg: The prof explains classic jokes

The long arm singer, guy with 6 foot arms sings to the ladies

Gweeb Simpson, channel G reporter, reports on the news

The Poet,  spouts absurd poetry,   

J. Roger Wankee,  debonair adventurer, recounts his exploits

The Tyvek suited lovers, full Quarantine get up, run toward each other , swelling romantic music. 

Interview with my mom.  Let her rip 

The toothy talk  : discussion while brushing teeth, electric or manual

Tranny Talk. 2 transvestite discuss muscle cars, etc

Reactions from masks, quickcuts and exclamations, : What?!, My Word !

Private Eyeful, Detective, Noir like you like it, dark, salty, deadly

The Persnickety Dinner Hostess, invite famous people to dinner and what the guidelines are: Gandhi? He doesn’t eat much, so I’d order a childs plate, etc.

Archive ! talking about clips of Stuff we have recorded and break it down


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