Show #9

Hello and Merry Christmas, beloved Fogset fans,

We are excited to bring you our holiday show, and of course the fan mail piles up in Brick Chisel’s office, but we are also blessed with a visit from Marjorie Windblown of the Sexy Librarians Society, tutoring a student in need of a passing grade in English and Leonard Bismark of Holiday Suites offers a great discount.

Join us today December 25, 2020 at 5p PST as we continue to pardon our friends, family, people, places and things from all their deepest darkest secrets so they can have a clean record for the new year.

  • Where: fogset livestream
  • When: Today! Friday, December 25, 2020 at 5p (pacific time)

Michael Meehan interviews the very first Baby on Board, and foul-mouthed puppet , Seymour makes a real you-know-what of himself with the rude 12 days of Christmas. Gweeb Simpson, our intrepid reporter, gives us a scoop from very very far away.
Rumor of a Milton Ochoa sighting as well. But Fogset is really honored to have super rocker, Sammy Goth of Krotchfyre drop in for a song.

We wish all of you a safe and sound holiday and we count your laughter as one of our blessings in this coming new year.

Be well,

Brian Tuohy and Michael Meehan

Show #9

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