Hey Folks, we are presenting show # 7, and it’s a great one

Join us today December 4, 2020 at 5p PST as we continue to showcase our friends, family, people, places and things.

Fogset’s eminent host of Insight, J. Roger Wankee interviews a sex therapist and gets some very surprising answers. The fabulous Cathy Sorbo guest stars.
Michael Meehan talks to a constable who is on a floating island country and gets quite a shock from attacking walruses.
The news of the week is presented by beloved Fogset News anchor Brick Chisel.
Fogset continues with pitchman Donnie Donaldson, and find out why Alarmists are outraged!
J. Roger Wankee doubles down with an exclusive all the way from near Turkmenistan with fugitive film director Sir Ernest Fluff.
Stay safe with advice from SFPD officer Herrumph, as well as a PSA from Marjorie Windblown, a member of Sexy Librarian Society.
Probably something special from mad wunderkind, b2e !

Tune in to Fogset and see what at least 65 people are talking about !

You can watch all of our previous shows at click here!


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