Win a Date with Nurse Polyps !

Win a Date with Nurse Polyps !

Registered Nurse and Guitarist for Krotchfyre !

Hi Fogset Fans, I am so excited to be part of Win a Date with Nurse Polyps.

We will start the date with introductions, a virtual handshake, socially distanced via our electronic devices, of course. We’ll sit down and order something expensive, because I know you’re worth it, just at first glance, I can tell that about you. Then I want you to tell me EVERYTHING ! about yourself, your dreams, your medical history, your hopes for the new year. Maybe we can play some music , your choice, of course, although mine run to heavy metal and some of Beethoven’s sexier opuses. We’ll wine and dine the date away, ( mine will have to non alcoholic as I’m on call for emergency colonoscopy duty), but an evening to remember will be had by both of us.

I can’t wait !

Enter to WIN me ! and $100 worth of fogset swag! You must be 18 years of age or older to participate.

Winner will be randomly selected at 12 noon PST January 21, 2021.

Nurse Polyps

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Win a Date with Nurse Polyps !

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